Kamil Surfer Rosa

A bone dry, scrumptious & effervescent homage to the summer Our sunny interpretation of the Brut IPA frenzy, responds to the appeal of lighter IPAs with limited bitterness and a spritzy character that resonates the trend towards easier drinking beers with lower alcohol content, yet utterly flavoursome. Preferably to be poored at approximately 6° C when the sun is out!
-- source: brewery website
general info
brewery: ?
contract brewery: Bieren Van Begeerte
alc. perc.: 5.50
category: indian pale ale
website: https://bierenvanbegeerte.be/collections/frontpage/products/ksr

brew info
no brew information available.

storage info
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pouring info
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no ingredient information available.

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Created by user Sterling — 02/02 14:37

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